PhasAGE – Excellence Hub on Phase Transitions in Aging and Age-Related Disorders


Note: Due to the Covid-19 pandemic situation and travel restrictions, CFs will exclusively cover the registration fees for participation in online conferences in 2021.


23-25 June 2021 | The Protein Aggregation Conference: Function, Dysfunction, and Disease (FASEB)

Applications are now CLOSED

Two CFs to attend “The Protein Aggregation Conference: Function, Dysfunction, and Disease” – FASEB Science Research Conference,  virtual event. Please consult the conference webpage for more details. 

CFs Application deadline: 10 May 2021 | Communication of the selected candidates: 15 May 2021 

Evaluation Panel: Sandra Ribeiro (IBMC/i3S), Salvador Ventura (UAB) and Mónica Marques (IBMC/i3S)

Eligibility and Conditions:

1. CFs are exclusively reserved for PhasAGE team members with a primary affiliation in one of the participating partner’s institutions (PhasAGE consortium).

2. The applicants must present a poster or deliver an oral presentation at the conference.

3. The main topic of the research work to be presented must be included in the PhasAGE scientific topics.

4. Fellowships should be used to cover the advanced registration to the event. Extra expenses will not be eligible.


To apply for the CFs, the candidates must prepare the following documents in pdf format: 

  • The abstract to be submitted for the conference
  • A short curriculum vitae – biosketch format (max 2 pages)
  • Covering letter expressing the interest to attend the selected conference

For more information, consult the following document: 

Guidelines and conditions for PhasAGE Conference Fellowships

Feedback from selected candidates

I am really thankful for the conference fellowship that the PhasAGE Project gave me to participate in the FASEB SRC “The Protein Aggregation Conference: Function, Dysfunction, and Disease”. I found the conference very complete, tackling many different topics on protein aggregation. For me, it was especially important as it allowed me to enter in contact with other groups working on my subject and actually start a new collaboration.

Francisca Pinheiro PhD student (UAB)

The days of the Conference flew past at a breathtaking pace, although not without presenting each of us with so many opportunities to network and to learn from leading experts in the field of protein aggregation and most significantly to me, in liquid-liquid phase segregation (LLPS). This conference has now motivated me to make major efforts to delineate the function of these exciting yet mysterious biomolecular condensates and unravel their roles in contexts ranging from development to age-related disease. The lecture from Ludo Van Den Bosch was particularly inspiring and encouraging to me in this research field. There were simply so many interesting people to meet and discuss science with, during lectures and online poster sessions. For me, some lectures also stood out, including the solving of a 20-year puzzling mystery of mucin mutation identified in some families, and also the formation of anisosomes, where Hsp70 chaperones RNA-free TDP-43 into anisotropic intranuclear liquid spherical shells. We also had the opportunity to take part in virtual platform roundtables for Q&A on science and careers. These were lectures where experts shared their personal experiences and scientific journeys, and we had the chance to share our thoughts and tackle the big issues of today and debate about the future of science. I am thus very grateful to the PhasAge project for awarding me a Conference Fellowship and for giving me the opportunity to attend the Conference. It was truly a gift to be part of it with so many interesting and inspiring speakers, and definitely became a major boost to help advance the field of protein aggregation.

Vítor Teixeira Postdoctoral Researcher (IBMC/i3S)