PhasAGE – Excellence Hub on Phase Transitions in Aging and Age-Related Disorders


The PhasAGE Training Programme set on advanced twinning and training actions to promote cross-fertilization of ideas and transfer of knowledge between PhasAGE Partners. To enhance the national and European impact of PhasAGE research topics all seminars, training schools and conferences activities organized by the consortium are open to the academic and industrial scientific communities.

Expert Seminar Series

A series of seminars with speakers from each partner institute to present and to discuss current issues, trends and challenges in the field of phase transitions.

Training Schools

Advanced training actions for professional development of young researchers in phase transitions in aging and age-related diseases.

PhasAGE Conference

Annual International Conference that bring together experts in the field of phase transitions in cell biology and disease. Open to the scientific community.

Early Stage Researchers

Master and PhD students will receive cutting edge training and acquire scientific expertise on phase transitions methodologies and applications.

Career Development Activities

Mentoring activities for development of transferable skills and career planning strategies of early-stage researchers.

Conference Fellowships

PhasAGE Conference Fellowships provide support to cover the expenses of PhasAGE researcher's participation at international conferences.

Outreach Activities

Public talks/lectures/discussions. Visits to primary and secondary schools. Workshops for teachers and students. Science fairs and science dissemination activities.

Participation at Scientific Events & Workshops

Participation of PhasAGE members at Scientific Events and Workshops

Staff Exchange Program

International training program between PhasAGE researchers to enhance multidisciplinary expertise in state-of-the-art theory and practical applications of phase transitions in age-related diseases