PhasAGE – Excellence Hub on Phase Transitions in Aging and Age-Related Disorders

staff exchanges

The PhasAGE Staff Exchange program aims to foster an international training program between PhasAGE researchers to enhance multidisciplinary expertise in state-of-the-art theory and practical applications of phase transitions in aging and age-related diseases.

The program is exclusive to PhasAGE researchers (ESR or postdocs) and consists of up to 6-week visits of researchers between PhasAGE institutions. Exchanged staff will benefit from complementary expertise to develop specific computational and experimental skills, learn new techniques, and gain access to specific data, instruments and methods not available in their home institutions. 

Each year, PhasAGE will open two calls for Staff Exchange applications. In each call, PhasAGE will award at least two researchers with financial support to cover expenses related to travel, accommodation, and daily sustenance. 

Staff Exchanges 2022

Staff Exchanges 2023