PhasAGE – Excellence Hub on Phase Transitions in Aging and Age-Related Disorders


PhasAGE invites you to apply for the PhasAGE Conference Fellowships to support your attendance at conferences taking place in 2022.

Note: Due to the ever-changing travel restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic situation, all conferences and events are subject to date or local alterations. Please check the latest information regarding vaccination policy and on-site COVID-19 protocols for each local venue on the appropriate conference webpage before applying.


The call for applications is CLOSED!

A list of suggested conferences taking place in the second semester of 2022 is shown below. PhasAGE is also accepting applications for attendance in other International Conferences within the scope of PhasAGE scientific topics.  

CONFERENCE name location Conference Dates Application Deadline
Leuven, Belgium
21-23 September 2022
5 August 2022
Ventura, CA, USA
23-28 October 2022
25 September 2022
Barcelona, Spain
14-16 November 2022
24 June 2022
Hamburg, Germany
06-13 November 2022
15 August 2022

Before applying, please download and consult the eligibility criteria and conditions described below. 

Eligibility and Conditions:

1. CFs are exclusively reserved for PhasAGE team members with a primary affiliation in one of the participating partner’s institutions (PhasAGE consortium).

2. The applicants must present their research work as a poster or oral presentation at the conference.

3. The main topic of the research work should be included in the PhasAGE scientific topics.

4. Fellowships should be used to cover the advanced registration to the event. Extra expenses will not be eligible.


The candidates must prepare in advance the following documents in pdf format: 

  • Filled-in CF application form
  • Abstract to be submitted for the conference
  • Short curriculum vitae – biosketch format (max 2 pages)
  • Covering letter expressing the interest to attend the selected conference

To apply please send all the documents to should write “PhasAGE Conference Fellowships 2022 – application [your name]” on the subject line.  

For more information, consult the following document: 

Guidelines and conditions for PhasAGE Conference Fellowships 2022

Evaluation Panel: Sandra Ribeiro (IBMC/i3S), Mónica Marques (IBMC/i3S), and Salvador Ventura (UAB) 

Feedback from selected candidates

"Thank you very much again for the funding! It was a great opportunity for me to go and present my research at the GRC conference. The event was very well organised, and the presentation as well as the posters were dominated by unpublished research. Many aspect of the IDP were represented and LLPS was clearly in the main focus. I feel extremely lucky that I could meet and have a conversion with inspiring researchers from all around a world. I was really looking forward to talking to those people whose research so determining to the IDP field."

Attila Meszaros PhD student (VIB) | Attendee at the Gordon Research Conference on Intrinsically Disordered Proteins 2022

"The Leuven Protein Aggregation Meeting united a world leading researchers in the fields of protein self-assembly, misfolding protein, amyloid formation and structural biology. A wide range of topics was presented: structure and function of amyloidogenic proteins, the mechanism of the formation of amyloid structures, the molecular basis of toxicity of amyloids, anti-amyloid compounds as antimicrobial agents and biophysical methods to investigate amyloid. Particularly interesting topics are an interplay between phase separation and amyloid aggregation and new biophysical approaches to study phase separation (AFM-IR and FIDAbio). It was a great opportunity to established connect with a vibrant community of researchers working in the protein aggregation field and presented and discussed my results. Thank you for funding my travel and participation in this outstanding event!"

Oleg Chertkov Postdoc researcher (IBMC) | Attendee at the KU Leuven Protein Aggregation Meeting 2022