PhasAGE Expert Seminar with Elsa Logarinho – 14 June 2021, Online Event


The 2nd PhasAGE Expert Seminar “Inhibition of age-associated genomic instability: emerging strategy to delay cellular senescence and aging” will be held by Elsa Logarinho on 14 June at 3 PM (CEST) / 2 PM (Lisbon Time).

Elsa Logarinho leads the Aging & Aneuploidy Group, dedicated to high-profile research on the mechanisms of cell cycle deregulation and genomic instability contributing to aging and age-related diseases at IBMC/i3S. One of the major goals of aging research is to develop strategies to delay and even reverse aging. Emerging findings indicate that genomic variations are a relevant and under-recognized mechanism underlying human aging and age-related diseases. In this seminar, Elsa will present recent findings from her group on genetic and pharmacological interventions protecting against genomic instability and addressing their impact in senescence accrual.


The seminar will be exclusively online and open to the scientific community.

After the seminar, the PhasAGE members will have access to a private Q&A session with the speaker.

Registration is free but mandatory. Find more information about the seminar and registration here.