Another successful PhasAGE Training School with a very positive balance

The first edition of the Barcelona Protein Aggregation Training School took place from 12 to 16 September at the Institut de Biotecnologia i de Biomedicina (IBB), part of the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB). The event was beautifully organized by Salvador Ventura, one of the core team members of the PhasAGE project, and his research group. Selected participants received training on fundamental aspects of protein aggregation while exploring computational and experimental methods for its study in vitro. Through hands-on practical sessions and theoretical lessons with international and local researchers the participants learned about:  

– high-throughput screening of protein aggregation inhibitors,

– kinetic analysis,

in silico analysis to redesign protein solubility,

– combining structural aggregation propensity and stability predictions to redesign protein solubility,

– transmission electron microscopy imaging.

The scientific program included international speakers from academia and biotech and pharma companies who discussed functional and pathological amyloids, as well as strategies for studying and targeting toxic amyloid species. Ana Ortiz, from the pharmaceutical company Grifols, presented new data on the AMBAR clinical trial for Alzheimer’s disease treatment. The participants also learned how to effectively communicate scientific results with a captivating and inspiring talk by Enrique Claro from UAB.

As part of this training school program, the participants got the chance to visit the facilities of ALBA Synchrotron where they learned how synchrotron light is produced and used for visualization of the atomic structure of matter. Additionally, participants enjoyed seeing the brand-new installations of cutting-edge electron microscopy machinery for CryoEM.

And of course, the social activities! Nothing like a Spanish warm-up with beers and snacks to engage the participation of attendees, trainers and organizers from the first day. Participants had the opportunity to be “Castellers” for one day and participate in a “colla”, a Catalan traditional activity aiming to create a human tower. It’s all about teamwork, trust, organization and cohesion, and a lot of training; which are also fundamental aspects of a good researcher. And just before the social dinner, a guided tour to discover some secrets of Barcelona’s architecture and history. 

A wonderful week full of learning with the bests, reconnecting with old friends, and making new ones.


Participants, trainers and members of the organizing committee of the Barcelona Protein Aggregation Training School.

More information about the Barcelona Protein Aggregation Training School can be found here