Apply now for the PhasAGE Career Development Course on Research Communication | 7-8 February 2022, Online Event

Career Development Course | Tips and tools to communicate your research work more effectively

7-8 February 2022, Online Event

Scientists are often required to communicate their research results and/or projects to peers using different communication materials, both in national and international conferences and meetings. Also, all researchers go through master’s and/or Ph.D. thesis defenses at least one time in their academic careers.

Having the skills to communicate research effectively has a positive impact not only on the peer themselves but also on researchers who are showing their results. Endorsing these skills requires practice and gets easier if researchers follow up on new tools and tips to prepare their research communication material (slides, posters, and infographics).

The Career Development Course “Tips and tools to communicate your research work more effectively” will discuss challenges and tips on how scientists communicate their research in scientific environments, including for an audience with researchers from different backgrounds.

Participants will acquire knowledge about the main considerations when preparing their supporting material to present their results and/or project, namely slides/posters and design graphical information.

Registration is free but mandatory with a limited number of participants. Find more information about the course and application details here.

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