Biotech Experts & Researchers discuss advances in the field of protein self-assembly, aggregation and phase separation

I PhasAGE International Conference | Biotech Workshop – 11 October, Online Event

Integrated into the I PhasAGE International Conference, a world-class line-up of three leading biotech experts presented at the Biotech Workshop that took place online on 11 October. After a short welcome session by the PhasAGE project coordinator, we had the pleasure to listen to representatives of FAZE Medicines, SOM Biotech, and IMMUNETHEP.

FAZE Medicines - pioneering biotechnology company focused on therapeutic advances based on the science of biomolecular condensates
SOM Biotech - a biopharmaceutical leading company working on drug development for orphan diseases
IMMUNETHEP – Portuguese biotech startup company working in the development of anti-bacterial immunotherapies

The program also included a round table lead by Salvador Ventura (University Autonomous of Barcelona, Spain) to discuss the available tools to analyze protein phase separation and protein aggregation. This was the first virtual event organized by the PhasAGE consortium that brought together leading biopharmaceutical and biotechnology companies with academic scientists to share knowledge in the field of protein self-assembly, protein phase separation, and aggregation.

Bringing together scientific experts with biotech owners/representatives is a promising strategy to level up the translation and valorization of research in academia. These round-tables are also intended to shorten the gap between R&D conducted at Universities/Institutes and Industry while promoting the best collaborative environment to set new ideas and explore new challenges.