PhasAGE Expert Seminar with Peter Tompa – link to webinar available

About a week ago we had our first PhasAGE Expert Seminar held by Peter Tompa with the talk “Phase Separation: an emergent function of disordered proteins”.  

The seminar was exclusively online (webinar) and was attended by an average of 75 participants. 

After the talk, Peter answered the questions from the audience. We hope that the seminar went according to our attendee’s expectations – it was a pleasure to host so many interested researchers with so many great questions for the Q&A session.


The PhasAGE members had access to a closed Q&A session with Peter Tompa. Some of these questions were made by the early-stage researcher’s group and postdocs from the project with the help of Ana Rita Costa (a researcher from IBMC/i3S with expertise in protein aggregation).

If you missed the seminar or if you want to watch it again you can now access the seminar recording here. The presentation slides are also available here, only for educational purposes. 

Find out more information about the next PhasAGE Expert Seminar here