PhasAGE ambassadors visiting high schools in Portugal

One of the major outcomes expected from the PhasAGE project is the generation of knowledge concerning fundamental research on cellular and biological processes. PhasAGE is dedicated to reaching a wider audience and disseminating PhasAGE outputs and scientific concepts, even at the early stages of the national educational curriculum.

PhasAGE developed the workshop “From 3D structure to protein function” to bridge the learning of chemistry and biology, two fundamental branches of science. The workshop was integrated into the i3S educational program (PT only, link here) to easily reach local high schools, taking advantage of institutional outreach programs under a policy of responsible science communication and scientific literacy enrichment.

With this workshop specifically targeted for the secondary level, PhasAGE aims to share knowledge and promote discussion among young students by introducing basic structural biology concepts; a significant step toward educating the next generation in the underlying principles of life sciences and health research and developing their critical thinking skills.    

PhasAGE ambassadors from IBMC/i3S: Joana Saavedra, Diogo Rodrigues, Sára Varga and Paulo Pedroso (from left to right).

The workshop is delivered by the PhaAGE ambassadors, a small group of early-stage researchers (ESRs) from the coordinating institution. These communication activities also aspire to empower ESRs with skills for effective dissemination, communication and valuing of their research outputs, as well as to reduce the gap between science and society.

Following the success of the previous school year (2021/2022), the PhasAGE ambassadors are eager to begin another round of school visits next week and also take this time to dialogue with the young students and teachers.