PhasAGE Expert Seminar Series 2022

The PhasAGE Expert Seminar Series 2022 is currently running at full speed with the incoming and outgoing transfer of knowledge between PhasAGE researchers. After an outstanding seminar delivered by Ludo Van Den Bosch (VIB) at IBMC/i3S in April, we moved on to the following seminars.

Last week, we welcomed Silvio Tosatto (UniPD), one of the PhasAGE core team members, at IBMC/i3S.  Silvio was invited to deliver a talk on the newly-emergent topic of employing the AlphaFold tool for the prediction of intrinsically disordered protein structures. The PhasAGE Expert Seminar Series co-hosted the seminar with the i3S Friday Noon Seminar Series.

The seminar was open to the i3S scientific community and feedback from attendees was extremely positive and instructive. We believe that this seminar represented a milestone in the research and understanding of intrinsically disordered regions in different disease-related proteins by overcoming the critical gap in computational biology and structural bioinformatics of the IBMC/i3S community.


The next PhasAGE Expert Seminar will be hosted by Salvador Ventura (UAB) on 4 November 2022. The seminar will be delivered by Reto Gassmann (IBMC/i3S). Reto Gassmann’s team is using the animal model C. elegans and cultured human cell lines to explore the functions and regulatory mechanisms of the molecular motor proteins. Reto will present new research data on how the scaffolding protein JIP3 regulates neuronal organelle transport.

 More information about the upcoming PhasAGE Expert Seminars can be found here.