Congratulations to the PhasAGE 2021 International Conference Speed-Talk and & Oral Presentation Award Winners

I PhasAGE International Conference – Conference Awards

This year, PhasAGE 2021 International Conference showcased 6 selected oral presentations and 6 selected speed-talks, all nominated for symbolic awards (books and e-books). The following speakers were selected as winners based on the combination of the quality and innovation of the research, and oral presentation:

Co-winners for Best Oral Presentation

α-Helical peptidic scaffolds to target α-synuclein toxic species with nanomolar affinity | Jaime Santos, Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain

A generic approach to study the kinetics of liquid–liquid phase separation under near-native conditions | Luis Fernando Durán Armenta, VIB-VUB Center for Structural Biology, Belgium

Winner for Best Speed Talk

The involvement of RNA G-quadruplex structures in stress granule dynamics | Yehuda-Matan Danino, Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel

Congratulations to all the participants selected to present their research work at the PhasAGE 2021 International Conference.  

Special Note

The PhasAGE Conference Scientific Committee has also decided to award an honorable mention to Professor Sonia Longhi for being the most active participant in the conference. Her interventions were essential to trigger the scientific discussions after each presentation and her questions and observations raised the scientific talks to another level. It was an honor to listen to her talk and now highlight this award. You are an inspiration for all the young researchers. 

Thank you, Sonia!