Research Innovation and Business officers from i3S and VIB met together in Belgium

Tech ViB visit
Frederik Van Leemputte (VIB) with Bárbara Macedo and André Albergaria (i3S team).

André Albergaria and Bárbara Macedo (from the i3S Research Innovation Unit) were welcomed by Frederik Van Leemputte and Jerome Van Biervliet (from the VIB Innovation & Business Unit) within the framework of PhasAGE Research & Innovation staff exchange program.

André and Bárbara emphasized the successful organization of VIB’s innovation structure and how the combination of the complementary expertise of VIB’s team is vital to fostering the optimal routes for knowledge capitalisation and VIB researchers’ engagement in pursuing promising projects.

The VIB Innovation & Business team provided the i3S team with some important notes and institutional strategies for addressing more efficient innovation and health-related business processes. This exchange of knowledge and expertise set the stage for future collaborations, as both teams agreed to mutually benefit from this interaction.

The R&I short-term staff exchanges are organized under the PhasAGE Work Package 5 – Leaping forward Research and Innovation management.